Training at the Central Ohio Bujinkan Dojo includes learning and practicing with the following:

Hanbo (three foot stick)
Tanto (knife)
Kusarifundo (chain with weights on ends)
Shuriken (four point or one piece straight pieces of steel)
Rokushakubo (long staff - around six feet long)
Jojutsu (walking stick - around four feet long)
Kenjutsu (sword)
Kyoketsu Shoge (cord and dagger)
Hojutsu (firearm)
Shuko (hand spikes)
Jutte (steal rod with hook)
Yari (spear)
Kodachi (short sword)
Naginata (halberd category of weapons)

Note: We follow the instruction of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. This means that we
will use many other weapons throughout the training. Soke teaches us to use
anything around us to defend ourselves. This list gives a new student an
idea of the type of weapons on which much of our training is focused.